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Hi I was contacted by Sleeklens.Com to do a review on there Sky's Overlays Collection which I'm more than happy to do.

In this review I will show the before and after photo and talk about my workflow from the start in Lightroom and then adding the sky overlay in Photoshop with screen shots of how this is done

So here we are in Lightroom so I will show my basic workflow

·         1 open up the shadows and bring down the highlights to suit

·         2 adjust the blacks and whites points

·         3 adjust exposure if needed

·         4 sharpening and noise reduction

·         5 lens correction

Before screen shot in Lightroom

after adjustments in lightroom 

So when your with the photo open up in Photoshop and add the sky overlay on which this review is all about

So here we are in Photoshop with the image open so I go to the folder where  the sky's overlay are kept choose the sky overlay which in this photo I used overlay 45,and drag and drop into Photoshop so it appears over your  photo set the blending mode to multiply ,use the free transform to adjust the sky layer to suit your image and set in place where you want it then add a layer mask and invert it to black to hide the layer then set your foreground colour to white and the with you brush paint back in your sky to how you like it ,if your image has water like this one you repeat this but remember to flip the image add it to it's own layer and place it over the water adjust the opacity to suit for the reflection of the sky .on this image I added one of Sleeklens Actions which was the Daytime to Golden Hour which is included in the collection which I placed above the background copy so it added a bit of a golden hour look so when your happy with your edited save back to Lightroom or to you chosen folder.

Take a look at the before and after photos below

Photo open in Photoshop showing the layers panel open

Screenshot (19).png

Layers panel open here showing the layer masks

The layers panel open again here with the skys overlay added

The final photo finished in lightroom

The finished photo after editing 

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Overall the Sky's Overlay Collection is very good and would thoroughly recommend it and it will make a big difference to my way of editing in photoshop and its very easy to download use and to install the actions to. I do hope you enjoyed my insight into my workflow and my first Blog review of the Sky's Overlay Collection From Sleekleens.Com   

I would like to say a big thank to  Jane at Sleeklens.Com for sending me the Sky's overlay collection and please follow the links below for more information on What Sleeklens.Com has to offer