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Lightroom Mobile

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Lightroom mobile is a great way to edit your photos on the move so here's a short overview of a before and after with screen shots  

So here's the before open on my iPad showing the editing panel at the bottom of the screen 

This photography the Graig Goch Dam in the Elan Valley was taken with my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone which was flown within the CAA guidelines and flown safe and responsible from a safe location.


Here's the after  


Here we are showing the editing panel showing some of the basic adjustments on this photo I used the split toning to get the look I wanted 


Adobe Lightroom mobile is available on android as well as ios  

this screen shot shows the library screen on my iPad  


This one is a screen shot from my iPhone just to show the difference between a tablet and a phone  


This  was just a look into Lightroom mobile the one thing which is great is  that you can shoot your photos with this app  in Raw format as well as jpgs and can be synced with Lightroom on your Desktop Computer so you can finish your editing there.